Obtaining FASTPASS in both Parks for multiple people


Hoping someone can help with a quick query on FastPass.

I want to leave Disney California Park during the morning to crossover to Disneyland to obtain a FastPass for the Fantasmic show, but leave my wife and son at the California Park to continue going on rides.
My question is, can i leave California Park with their tickets and enter Disneyland to get a FastPass for Fantasmic??, with out having scanned them in to Disneyland?

Or is the FastPass system separate to having scanned your ticket at the gate, so you can just enter a park with a heap of tickets to get Fastpasses for multiple people?

Thanks for any help.

Hopefully someone with DLR specific knowledge can clarify this, but if the system is the same as the old WDW FP system then the tickets have to be scanned at entry in order to be validated to get FPs in the park. And without the ticket holders with you, you will not be allowed to scan each ticket at entry.

thanks for that, i feared that might be the case. Hopefully someone thats been recently can clarify for me.

It is different in Disneyland- as long as your tickets have been scanned at one park, they will work for fast passes in the other. So, yes you can leave them in one park and get fast passes in the other. Many people do this for the nighttime shows and to get Radiator Springs FP’s for an evening time when they are in Disneyland.

Good to know! So @simmohevey’s plan will work after all.

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Brilliant, thanks so much for you prompt information.
Really appreciate it.
The stress levels have just gone down 100%

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Hi just want to check how recently you were able to do this?
Just arrived at Disneyland from Australia and was told at the ticket booth that I couldn’t take all 3 tickets from one park into the other to get a fastpass unless the people were with me to scan their tickets.

The optimist in me says she was just saying this as they probably don’t want to advertise to people that it’s possible.

April I think, but it is discussed on chat frequently as being successful. It is certainly not an advertised perk though, so not surprised the ticket booth people would say that. Anyway, try it out tomorrow and let me know if it works for you. Everyone does have to have entered one park, they can’t be in the hotel thinking sleeping in.

It worked!!!
No issues at all.

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Awesome. Thanks for confirming. We were wondering the same thing ourselves.