Observations 12/14-19

  1. I received my room ready text at 5:30am CST. I assume, because I was checking in on a Tuesday, a room was empty the night before.

  2. DME. 10 minutes at check in, then walk on, then 3 minutes idling. Overall much faster than precovid. The biggest problem, for some, was handling their own luggage. The motor coach was white, but I could see the remains of a full wrap around the edges.


Pop Century burger was awful. It was lopsided, with a dry flavorless patty, wilted lettuce, and a transparently thin slice of tomato.

Some of the fest booths are grossly over priced, for what you get.

Trattoria al Forno breakfast was fabulous. The steak an eggs, at $21, was a bargain even by off property standards.

Le Cellier had a walk up list on the app. Haven’t dined there in years. Service was still outstanding, food still tasty.

Other high points, Skipper Canteen, Nomad, ‘71 bar, Ronto Roasters.

  1. Genie +.

My strategy, afternoons that did not need any more +s(AK, WS, or pool/resort day) I would fill the evening in MK or DHS, with +s. One evening, we enjoyed BTMRR, Splash, JC, HM, and Buzz, between 6:30 and 920.

I did pay for FOP, ROTR, and Remy. All worth it, to me, but after the increases at DL, who knows what’s going to happen.

  1. On the whole

a good trip, but I’m still not sure about the value. I may cancel my June trip, as their strategy of More Money, Less Magic is making continued WDW fandom, impractical.


I share a lot of your same thoughts.

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I’ve never had breakfast at Trattoria al Forno, but dinner there is fabulous!