:-O No taking back likes anymore?!

I noticed just now that if I have liked a post the heart is now “dimmed” and if I hover over it I get a :no_entry_sign: now whereas before I could click on the heart and “take it back”

Anyone else seeing this?

Not a really big deal except if you want to be extra careful not to heart something by accident :smiley:


I could take it back

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I looked and my more recent likes could be taken back. But a like from yesterday could not.

It’s kinda weird

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Ah yes. I cannot unheart from yesterday. I don’t get that symbol, it just does nothing.

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I can’t from two hours ago. So it’s a short term thing. I know you have 5 minutes to edit a post before displaying that it was edited.

Why did you get me all distracted with this meaningless information :joy: :wink:


I wonder why this change. Kind of a bummer.


It would be a software change

Right. But I always wonder about the “why” of things like this.

I can take it back too.

ETA oh I didn’t try old ones.

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Or someone.


This probably changed a while ago.

I can say, you only have 10 minutes to unheart a post…according to my testing. :man_shrugging:

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In looking at discourse there might have been an update 12 days ago. I don’t see it on the list but maybe it happened then.


It wasn’t that long ago.

I know because reasons.

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That timing might make sense

Normally @ryan1 would be very much bothered by this too. But luckily he don’t have to worry about it. :joy:

On the other hand, @Jeff_AZ would never even think about unhearting a post. Because he forever likes them all. :rofl:


I love everything about this post because it is so right on!

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Au contraire! I have on various occasions accidentally tapped a heart when scrolling and immediately untapped the heart. Now, my heart count will artificially go up if I’m not extra cautious! :wink: (“Oh, look, guys! Ryan’s heart count grew three sizes that day!”)




Don’t worry, you have 10 minutes…I think