NYE - what’s best?

Question - I searched past trip reports and didn’t find much from post-pandemic… Did Epcot still do the dance parties in World Showcase in recent years on New Year’s Eve? Anything special at Disney Springs? I know MK had special fireworks… trying to help some young clients (who don’t care about crowds and just want NYE to be where there is the most happening).

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I was there last NYE and didn’t really participate in the festivities but I can tell you what I saw.

  • Dance party at Epcot UK
  • Dance party in front of DHS MMRR
  • fireworks at midnight at DHS.

The dance parties were very crowded. Epcot walkways in WS were divided in 2 with CM’s telling guests to keep right.


WDW needs more dance parties!


We were in EPCOT for NYE 2021. World Showcase was a major party scene with multiple dance parties in several different countries (IIRC China, Italy, UK, and one or two others). Large crowds for the parties and lots of special cocktails being sold with long lines with people waiting to purchase.

Those areas were packed but other parts were normal/to below-average crowd levels. Everyone was congregating in the party areas. Special fireworks show at Midnight but that was while Harmonious was still going.



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