NYE (Midnight) Fireworks

Any guesses as to what is going on with no official announcement for their plans?
I know that at Magic Kingdom they’ve sold Dessert Party reservations for a midnight show on both the 30th and 31st but they haven’t even put them on the official calendar there.

Nothing at all announced for Epcot

They’ve shifted the normal fireworks shows at both parks to about 6:30, which is yet another sign they’ll do something at midnight. I just can’t fathom why, at this point in December, there’s crickets from Disney.

Any consensus (aka guesses) on if they’ll have them? Both parks? Only at Magic Kingdom?

I’m not so worried or curious about which show they’ll do but if they’ll do any show.

I’ve been stalking this too- figured itnwould all get posted tomorrow since that week’s calendar should be released too! I am waiting to see if there is anything at HS that night…

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Oh, good to know. I’ve not kept up with when they update the calendar. Crossing fingers they release something concrete.

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I just learned the date release schedule myself. We will all be stalking the calendar tomorrow!

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So the calendar is now showing "Fantasy in the Sky) at MK on the 30th and 31st at 11:50.

On the 31st at Epcot is New Years Countdown Fireworks at 11:54.

Nothing at HS (not eve the projections show at 9:00) and they havent extended park hours for the week yet.

Knowing the schedule is a big relief

Sorry if you were hoping for studios to do something. It would help spread the crowd out

We are going to be in the studios regardless and the less to draw crowds the better! (Why we are going there in the first place!)

Now I am just waiting to see if they extend any hours for that week.

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Guess the only thing left for me to learn is will they have any parties at the parks. Like the dance parties with DJ that are usually in Italy and China, as examples.

Or the DJ at the hub in MK