NYE in the parks - Good or bad idea?

I’ve read the crowd predictions and a few posts about MK, E and HS being absolutely nutty on NYE. We are travelling as a party of 8 with 4 kids under 10 (youngest is 7). We’d like to do a park day on Dec 31. Should we avoid MK and E completely? What about the dance party at HS? I understand that AK is the quieter park but also closes early and has no celebratory aspect to the day.

Please share your recommendations on how to have a fun NYE in the park with kids. Staying up till midnight is not a must. Please note: This will be our first day at WDW and we want it to be a good experience for the kids.

If it’s your first day at WDW, I think I’d start with Animal Kingdom. The other parks would be so crowded that they may not want to go back and be totally turned off. Have a nice dinner in the evening and hit the parks early January 1 as many people will be sleeping in.


I have not been on NYE, but I have collective wisdom from many who have been. I agree with this. I would not take kids to EP on NYE. The drinking around WS starts as soon as the park opens, and continues all day and into the evening. You wouldn’t have to worry about the drinking at MK, but it will be slammed. If you hit it right at RD and just stay for a few hours (to see the castle and do a few FL rides) and then hop to AK for the rest of the day. Don’t know about HS, but alcohol is available there so there may be some drinking, but probably not as much as EP.


Thanks @bswan26 and @JenniferB1975! I appreciate the advice. It’s hard to know what to reference in the hundreds of write-ups online!

I was thinking this too, but I understand we can’t hop until 2pm or later… that’s a lot of hours of crazy MK-ness :cry: