NYE Buffet at Epcot at the World Show Place Pavilion

I have searched everywhere, but can’t find a ton of information about this event. Does anyone have any details about this event or have done it themselves before? I’m wondering if alcohol is available (even if it is for purchase), what type of entertainment is available, and if you can come and go as you please after checking in at 4:00?

On Disney’s site, I did a search for New Year’s Eve buffet and found the info, under the Delectable Dining link on the page the search yielded. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/new-years-eve/#/drawer=drawerNewYearsEveDinner .

It has lots of details, but makes no mention of alcohol.

“Enjoy every morsel while listening to classic Disney tunes, then strike a pose by any of the unique vignettes for a fun photo op commemorating the occasion!”

It does specify: “Operating hours: 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM (this is a dinner buffet only and not an all-night event)”. To me, it sounds more like it works like a regular dining reservation. (I have not done this event.)

Thanks! I saw that online which is why I booked it, but I haven’t found hardly any recent “reviews” of it. It seems like you can find several recent reviews of just about anything these days so I was surprised at the lack of information other than that official Disney post.

I think it’s a new event for this year which would explain the lack of reviews…

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From what i can tell it’s been done for at least several years. No one ever seems to review it. Not for long though as I plan to write up a post about information regarding touring between Christmas and NYE since it seems this a topic that isn’t covered very often. Hopefully I can help someone else out! There’s lots of general information about packing patience and simple listings as far as dates for special New Year’s Eve events, but little in terms of actual reports or touring.

Two years ago, I took the Destinations Discovered tour on New Year’s Day.

The event the night before had been an all night thing until around 2am. It certainly wasn’t a 5 hours buffet. We went into the tent, everything was still set up, there were tables that sat around 10 people, with the centre pieces etc still set up. The ice sculptures were still there.

No way was that anything less than $150 per head, probably more. So whilst it has held events on NYE, it seems this year’s is definitely appealing to a different market.

Finally found something that might be helpful. This review seems slightly dated, but at least gives the general idea. Putting the link here in case anyone else finds it useful.

Well we did this buffet last night and I don’t think I’d recommend it to anyone unless they couldn’t find an ADR anywhere else in WS. It was very beautifully decorated inside and the CMs were unbelievably nice. It was also very lightly attended so plenty of room to move around.

The food was just regular buffet food, but slightly less variety than at most character buffets. We also suffered through Hollywood and vine this trip for my little one so compared to that one I’m happy to report this one had better quality - just less variety. It was definitely overpriced for what you get.


I don’t know what the cost was, but the menu looks to be a serious cut above the “usual” WDW buffet…

Definitely a step up from say Hollywood and Vine, but still banquet food. Cost was $73 per adult $45 per child including tax and gratuity. No characters were present, alcohol was not included, but was available for purchase, and there was no special fireworks viewing or anything like that included. I’m not upset that any of this wasn’t included as I knew it wouldn’t be, but thought I’d clarify in case anyone else was curious about it in the future.

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