Number of FastPasses for Group of Three

We have a party of three that will be buying park tickets (one child under 2 who we do not have to pay for). Does each person receive three fast passes, so nine total that we can use as a group throughout the day or is it just the three fast passes total for the entire group?

You each receive three, so nine total. Three attached to each ticket. Then if you use those up, you can get each get one more at a time (then use that and get another, etc.).

Thanks for the reply! So as a follow-up question, for each of those reservations how many people can use it? For instance for each of the 9 reservations can I use it for all three of the people in my group or is it just for me to use? So if we wanted to go as a group we would all have to sue our fastpasses on the same ride at the same time?

You all have to have a FP for each ride you want to ride. FP are by individual.

yes same ride, same time.

Pro Tip: When booking, the only exception you might find helpful is overlapping or “rolling” FPs. Ex: If you are trying to book Peter Pan Flight FPs and can’t get three at the same time slot but can get two from 10:30-11:30 and one from 10:00-11:00, you’re set because everyone will have an active FP for the ride from 10:30-11:00

Hope that helps!

This is all great information and I appreciate everyone’s replies, I haven’t been to Disney since the mid 90’s when I was still in high school so a lot of this is new to me.

Did you mean 3 guests plus a 2 yr old? Or 3 including the 2 yr old?

Three guests (me, my wife, and a 4 year old) and the two year old

Ok. Making sure.

Also if you’re planning on using rider swap for any of the rides you’ll be getting FPP for, you could increase your number of FPP selections. For instance, we have a group of 8 (6 adults and 2 under 2yr old). I booked FPP for 3 of us for Splash and after they ride the other 3 will ride with the Rider swap pass. Then the 3 that didn’t have FPP for Splash I booked one for BTMRR and then we rider swapped again. So we got two rides worth of FPP and only used one of our three available.

With your party being 3, someone would have to ride alone in some cases. But your 4 yr old could ride a couple rides twice.

This is a really interesting approach! So, you can do parent swap from the FP queue? I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to do this…

Yes. Your party goes to the CM at the ride queue (they just need to see the child that cannot ride) and you let hem know you need to rider swap. They’ll give you a rider swap ticket that allows person plus up to two other guests to enter through the FP entrance. Then those that have the scheduled FP go ride while the others wait. Then you switch or come back later with the rider swap ticket.