NRJ at 30 days

Have people had luck getting NRJ at 30 days? If so what time of day have you been able to snag?

Literally just did it about an hour ago (30 days out). Had multiple choices throughout the day. Only FOP is all grabbed up already.

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Thanks! Holidays should be busier than my travel dates too. So very encouraging!

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I booked at trip 4 days out from our departure date earlier this month and within those four days saw every FP except SDD and FOP. I’d say even if you don’t get it on that 30 day mark, there will be hope for you!

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I did this last week and got 2:40. That was the earliest I could grab but I was grabbing for 10 people and was using a FP for LK at 1:30-1:45. Ideally wanted RJ around 2:00. I did have to originally grab a later time and then keep modifying to move it up.

I was able to get a 10 AM after modifying my original!