Now that ParkHopper has returned, when can we expect FP+ and EMH to return?

With ParkHopper returning and the first shots of the vaccine being administered within the next couple weeks, capacity and line wait times are about to increase dramatically…When will Disney bring back FP+ (or some version of it) to solve the problem of long lines and slow to almost no hotel bookings? With no incentives (EMH, dining, FP+, etc) , nobody will be booking on site stays (outside of DVC members that have to or risk losing their points)…Seems like Disney should bring it back as soon as possible…

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I don’t know but I’m curious what everyone thinks!

I bet by the time herd immunity is reached (which could be as early as next summer) things will be well on their way back to the “new normal,” including some iteration of FP and EMH. Very curious what it will be.

My prediction is tied to when Disney’s CMs have been immunized. That is their priority.

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Hopefully soon! But I am not holding my breath. I booked a trip onsite for May… we got an incredible deal with a pin-code discount at Pop Century. I am REALLY hoping that FP+ will be back by then! I can’t imagine going if FP+ hasn’t returned. I suppose it would depend on how crowds are by then and how long ride waits are. I have little tolerance for waiting :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they’ll wait and see how the park hopping goes in January.

Then start selling APs again. And then see how the vaccination programme rolls out and look at those next.

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Same…We have no tolerance for waiting 60-100 minutes for a ride…My question is self serving because we have an 8 day trip booked for the last week of April but we will not go if there’s no FastPass…We will do a shorter trip, likely 4 days, to universal if Disney doesn’t restore most of its perks


100% agree. Trip booked for April, but leaning universal studios unless we get some color on new rides, early morning magic, and fast passes. Staying at GF so hoping electric light parade is back for kids as well

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Sounds like a good plan!

We are at BLT, April 17th-25th but booked Hard Rock Universal 4/19-4/22 as back up plan

Really hoping they bring back some form of FP since they’re taking steps to bring more people into the parks.

Disney wants people to book hotels (as evidenced by the massive discounts sent out to everyone) but they take away the main benefits of saying on property…According to Disney’s own website, the main benefits of staying on property are: EMH, FP+, dining, free magic bands, etc…Only thing that remains is Disney theming…Well for those prices, you cant take away all the tangible perks and expect people to book, even at the discounted rate

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I think it probably depends a lot on what the union agreement is with the employees.

The ‘vaccines’ won’t be widely available until late Spring/early Summer, so I don’t suspect we’ll see any sort of normal (or what we think is normal) until after that. I think FP will return, but different than we know it. I suspect it will now be an add-on that will need to be paid for. Time will tell!

And some of the houses for rent are dripping with Disney theming.

Like this. New article on ISM.

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Has anyone ever used Magical Vacation Homes?

I have not but I have stayed at reunion and it’s a home run. Place is fantastic

I read the Disney Shuttle* (extra fee), is that a Reunion thing or the rental company? Sorry, so many questions, just saw the nightly price and it may be something we do versus resort, if they don’t bring back any resort perks.

Can’t remember. But specific to the resort I believe

Ok… not sure where to post this but is this real… what am I missing? Ticket prices dropping for 2021… I really thought they’d go up and I’m STILL WAITING for AP sales to resume

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