November Star Wars Fireworks

I am trying to be as patient as possible…but wherrrrre are the dates/times for November SW fireworks?! I love Disney but geez, I thought worst case scenario they’d be published this week. We’re talking about next month, I don’t think it’s crazy to want to be able to have this information. OK sorry…rant over.


Patience, young padawan.:slight_smile:

I hear you. I don’t think they showed up for us for October until the first week in September, so keep checking.

I know what you’re saying. Disney is like really close relatives. You love them to pieces, but sometimes they do things that are really irritating.


Relatives that don’t want you coming to visit them without months of advanced planning but feel like it’s okay to drop in on you the same day lol


Lol, yes…SO well put. :slight_smile:
I really thought if I was “patient” and didn’t look last week I would be pleasantly surprised and they’d show up this week!

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I mean they’ve got the first week of November posted…so by next week they’ve got to have the rest, right?!

Still waiting for schedule to populate…but I DID read this today so that’s something -


thanks for that

You’re welcome @Tate! I’ve been so annoyed with how long it’s taken for that info to be published and the longer it took the more worried I was getting that maybe they wouldn’t be having the sw fireworks in. November so I was glad to at least see this!

Thanks for the information. I have been checking daily and also been getting a bit frustrated that the details have not yet been released! Same regarding AK and ROL, so hoping to catch it at the end of November/beginning of December!