November hopping

We are staying at Boardwalk in November (11/15 - 11/19) and I’m trying to map out our days and if/how we will use the park hopper option. This is our first time staying in this area (stayed at BLT last two trips) and we have never been this time of year.

How would you tour the world?

  • It will be me, DH, DS7, DD4. (I think we are leaving our newborn home with the grandparents!)
  • We check into Boardwalk on Wednesday 11/15 but will probably fly in Tuesday night and book an extra night (maybe at AKL?) so that we can wake up in WDW on Wed.!
  • We want to incorporate a “pool day”.

Wednesday 11/15:
?? Rope Drop at Animal Kingdom…hop to Epcot to end the day (break in between to check into BW?)??

Thursday 11/16:
?? Rope Drop at Magic Kingdom (closes at 4:30p hours changed so editing to say MK closes at 7p)…night at Epcot??

Friday 11/17:
Pool Day

Saturday 11/18:
?? Rope Drop at Hollywood Studios…afternoon/night at Epcot??

Sunday 11/19:
Check out, fly home :frowning:

I think it’ll be really hard to get your kids out of MK and over to EP on the 16th. And you’re not watching the Happily Ever After fireworks! How about staying til the end that day and adding EP in the evening of the pool half day?

That’s one of the things I’m debating - missing fireworks at MK. MK closes early on Thursday for an event (closes at 430). We’ve done Wishes our last two trips and the kids have never seen Illuminations - hoping that will be a fair substitute!
If we get hoppers, we would just get 3-day.

As far as I can tell, MK closes at 7 pm on 11/16 for the MVMCP, not 4:30. People going to the party can start entering at 4:00, so that 4 to 7 is an overlap time - and can be very crowded.

Oh that time must’ve recently switched - I have a screen shot from last week that said 4:30 - I swear I’m not crazy! Haha.
Regardless, if at MK that day, I’d head out late afternoon before the party crowd.

Opinion -
Looks like you’re buying a 3 day hopper?

I’d get a 4 day hopper and nix the pool day instead. My reasoning - you’re planning hopping to Epcot for 3 nights. If you’re staying at BWI, it should be pretty easy to fit in a few hours of swimming between park 1 and hopping to EP, OR hopping in the pool after EP. You’ve only got a 5 minute walk to the IG, right?

Yes, its just that the ticket prices are a little shocking and I try to save money wherever possible. I guess the 4-day hopper is only $200 more than the 3-day and would allow for a lot more flexibility.
I still have no idea which parks I would do on which days. I know I don’t even need to decide that stuff now but I’m also trying to get a rough plan in mind so that I can make dining reservations AND do the math to determine if we will buy the dining plan or pay OOP.

If you want to save money, I would personally go with the 4 day ticket and go for a value or moderate that first night instead of AKL. If you aren’t getting in until Tuesday night and RDing AK Wednesday morning, you will have no time to appreciate AKL. Just an idea.

Oh, for sure. We will probably just get the cheapest room we can - and only do AKL if we can rent points and get their cheapest room.