November/December Memory Maker Share 2017 ***group closed***

Is anyone interested in doing a Memory Maker share? We are going December 3-10, so we could technically share with a family going near the end of November or into December.

We are interested in finding a group! We will be the from 11/24 - 12/3.

There are a few people on the November Liners FB page as well as us that are looking for a group. If we could somehow join all of us together, that would be great.

Do you know how to set it all up? Even if we only get a few people then it’s better than nothing :slight_smile:

I’ve never done it but I’ve read other posts. So if anyone has done it, please correct me if I’m wrong. One person would set up a dummy account and purchase memory maker. They would then collect the money from everyone else through PayPal. Once they receive the money, they friend each person through the MDE dummy account to link everyone together. Then give each group the username and password to log into the dummy account and download their own photos.

Our dates are perfect because our park days wont overlap, which means it would be a lot easier to sort through the photos! Please let me know if you get into a group or if you would like to start one with me!

I am definitely interested. And yes, I am the same person from the Liners FB page :grinning:

It looks like three of us are interested in getting together. The greatest part about it is that none of our dates overlap so it will be so easy to sort through our photos since we won’t have pictures taken on the same days! I will let the other person know to try and find this feed so we can communicate through here.

Hey it’s me Candice from Facebook! I’m in for the MM share just let me know what I need to do! I check in late Nov 11 but won’t be in the parks until the 12th

When I did a share in the Spring one person purchased MM and linked it to their MDE and then we all linked together in the friends & family part on MDE.

Glad you found us! The last time you did it, Was everyone given the username and password to go in and download the photos?

I’m trying to remember how it worked lol we all linked up before our trip in the friends section of MDX and then after we all got back the one who purchased it downloaded them to a Dropbox and gave us all the user name and password

That’s a great idea!

We just couldn’t edit or download any until everyone’s trips was over

I am running around today but I will try to keep up with the group. We did a Memory Maker share in the past and I will try to wrack my brain to remember how we did it. The one thing I do remember though is we had way too many people in the group (there were 7 I believe) and we had to sort through over 3,000 photos. We ran out of time and we’re not able to do all the revisions to our individual photos like adding the stickers and borders that we wanted to. Keeping the group really small is a great idea!

Yes, I agree about keeping the group small. I think getting an account that everyone can log into once everyone’s trip is over is a good idea. If we did Dropbox everyone wouldn’t be able to edit their photos. Once the last trip is over, the group with the first trip would still have two weeks to edit their photos.

Hope that didn’t sound confusing.

I think I will set up a dummy account and purchase MM through that. We can divide the cost between the 3 of us and do the payments through PayPal. We can all link our MDE accounts with the dummy account and once the last person as taken their trip, I will give out the login info so everyone can download and edit their photos. How does that sound?

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Works for me!

Ok, so there are four of us, sorry. When are your dates?

Your first post in the thread was deleted so I apologize, I didn’t realize you were joining us, four is still a good group though!

Hey sorry iwhipmydole and cnunley423 is both me Candice from Facebook. I don’t know why the name is switching back and forth

Oh lol! I was really confused! Ok, so just us three then! As soon as I hear back from Ann on whether she is fine with the plan, I will start on everything.

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