November 5th rated an 8?

Hello. I am a little surprised by the crowd calendar prediction for Saturday, November 5th and wondering if anyone had any ideas of why that day rates an 8 at IOA? I looked it up and the New Jersey school’s are out the next week/weekend. Veteran’s day is the 11th. What’s weird is that in the historical crowd calendar the first weekend of November last year was rated a 4 and observed a 3. Previous years saw it similarly low.

It’s not like I can shift my trip, but I was just wondering what I was missing and if there is something special going on I am not aware of?


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Isn’t that the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend?

Think its to do with Hulk reopening and Kong now open so wait times are jumping on key rides. Just because CL is a lot higher it doesn’t mean that many more people in park just longer wait times.

It is indeed that weekend. I take it that event spills over to universal?

Is that true? Do they manipulate the crowd calendar because of specific rides? I really thought it was a strick population predictor. I’ll try to get on those rides on Friday! Thank you …

B : Well I looked it up and the run was the same weekend last year BUT the run was on Saturday not Sunday like this year. Maybe that’s it? thanks

There is an article on the tp website about how crowd calander works. It based around key ride wait times between hours of 10 am and 5 pm. It has no relation to people in park. This is most noticable in Epcot at food and wine. World Showcase will be soo busy you cannot move but CL will be low due to ride wait times being low as everyone is eating and drinking in a packed WS.

Thanks so much for your time breaking that down. I really appreciate it. Still hope their prediction proves to be quite off :slight_smile:

I just noticed that IOA closes at 6:00 on the 5th. It does so on four other nights that month (none are Saturdays). These are the only 6:00 closures from now until the end of the year. Does anyone have experience on why a Saturday (even in November) would close an hour or two early?

I read…somewhere…that they are adding two nights for HHN to make up for the cancellations during hurricane Matthew. The additional HHNs will be on Nov. 4th and 5th.

Yes. That’s true. Now it’ll close at 5:00. If I wanted 9-5 I would have stayed at work :slightly_frowning_face: