November 2017 plan/itinerary question

I will preface by saying I KNOW it is too early to start planning, but I’m so excited!

My family is traveling to Disney November 5-11th 2017. Not only is this F&W but also “Jersey Week” (I’m from Jersey. Go figure). I am trying to set a schedule of what days to do what parks but I am stumped.

I know that MK on a Friday is a bad idea, and during F&W I am also trying to avoid EPCOT on Friday. DH is not really interested in HS and my daughter is young (5) and not into Star Wars, so we can skip this altogether, the only thing I’ll be sad to miss is Fantasmic.

As it stands, I have
Sunday fly-in very early/Disney Springs evening
Monday AK/Disney Springs or hotel
Tuesday MK (early night)
Wednesday EPCOT
Thursday MK (late night)
Friday ?? (Was HS but DH nixed that)

I guess I am looking for opinions on what days to schedule what parks as a general idea so I can start trying to figure out ADRs. Should I do EPCOT Monday and then AK on Friday? Is two days too many at EPCOT? Help!!

It looks like Thursday may be a MVMCP night. If so, the park will be closing at 7PM for those not attending the event.

Can you purchase tickets to that? Are they limited? I don’t know anything about the Christmas Party.

You can purchase tickets to that, and your ticket will allow you in around 4 despite the party starting at 7. If you are buying tickets by the day, this may be an option as you won’t need a park ticket along WITH the party ticket. They are cheaper (all things considered) than day tickets to the parks.

Its never too early to plan your trip. I’ve been planning a December 2017 trip since December 2016 and my future Wife was talking about going back to WDW even before we left on her first trip.

The dates for the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party have not been set and tickets aren’t on sale yet but they will have them. Even though the party starts at 7pm, you can enter the part at 4pm (that is if they don’t change anything) If you are going to go to party, many people suggest you don’t waste one of your regular park day tickets on MK since you will be going there that day.

2 days is not too many to view it, in MHO. we spend 3 days that last time we were there from 12/17 - 12-27.

Something to consider, AK has River of Lights, which is a night time show, and Pandora will have their River ride which I’ve heard is best seen at night. So Animal Kingdom might be best as an all day park for you.

Do you have access to the Crowd Calendar? This an help you do some planning.
Nov 5 - MK - 5, All other parks - 6
Nov 6 - MK - 5, EP - 7, HS & AK - 6
Nov 7 - MK - 3, EP - 7, HS - 5, AK - 6
Nov 8 - MK - 6, EP & HS - 5, AK - 4
Nov 9 - MK - 4, All other parks - 6
Nov 10 - MK - 8, EP & HS 7, AK - 6
Nov 11 - MK & HS - 6, EP - 7, AK - 8

These can and probably will change but it give you some help in planning your days. I don’t just go by which park is listed as the lowest, but the more important part is the touring plan you have for each day, at least that is how I feel.
I hope this helps

Where are you staying, and will you have park hopper tickets?

I cancelled my park hoppers that I originally signed up for because I figured I’d never go back to the hotel or switch parks in a day. Maybe that’s not smart? I am staying at AOA.

Sunday: If you have never checked out AOA before, it was great touring each section. Disney Springs is a good idea or even cross the bridge and check out Pop.
Monday: AK is a good idea, it usually has early morning hours. You could leave around 1 and come back to see River of Lights
Tuesday: MK take it easy because you were up late the night before
Wednesday: Epcot Future World
Thursday: Epcot World Showcase
Friday: MK might be a good idea here because it usually has early morning hours and you can accomplish a lot in the first few hours!!

Have fun planning, It’s never too early!! :wink:

So much depends on your family and your collective stamina. A lot of people swear by the mid-day break, but it can also be hard to get a 5 year-old to relax or nap. A dip in the pool and a reset is a nice way to break up the day.

Here’s how if might work if you went back to a park hopper ticket and didn’t do the MVMCP (leaving only Wednesday for MK fireworks):
Sunday fly-in very early/Disney Springs evening
Monday AK 9-1, AoA 2-5, EP 6-9 (WS for dinner)
Tuesday MK 9-4, consider dinner at Contemporary or Poly
Wednesday EP 9-12 (or sleep), AoA 2-4, MK 5-10 (Happily Ever Ever After)
Thursday AoA hang out, Epcot afternoon/dinner (Illuminations)
Friday MK (or sleep), AK afternoon (consider RoL dining package)

I’ve also read about AoA that if you are in a Nemo building, you can hop buses to either AoA or POP (whichever comes first) and it’s a relatively short walk across the Generation Gap Bridge to get home.