November 2015 Hotel reservations

Hi, I’m new-ish to the forum and WDW touring in general. I have a conference in Orlando second week of November. Trying to put something together for a trip to the parks as well. Anybody have an explanation/guidance on why nearly every resort hotel at WDW is booked at that time?

There’s a free dining promotion during that time as well as the Food and Wine festival plus later in the month you have the holiday. I hope you can find something that works for you.

But for a month that’s usually slower, why would all 20 WDW resorts be near fully booked? And if they were, why offer discounted room rates, when there are no rooms available to discount? Didn’t know if there was some secret trick to unlocking a resort reservation when we were thinking about going.

The free dining discount was released a number of months ago. There were definitely rooms available for the discount, but have since booked up. Along with the Food and Wine festival (which is a big draw), there is also the Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend early in November, which is a HUGE draw, and all resorts typically book up the week before and week after that.

Definitely check Orbitz though. They (along with other travel websites) will book blocks of rooms, which means from Disney’s side, everything looks booked solid, however those rooms are still available through the travel website. You can use a discount code on Orbitz as well (most discount codes are now capping at $150, but it will help a bit).

Good luck!

There is hardly anything slower at WDW anymore. They are finding ways to keep it all at capacity.

Food and Wine, MNSSHP, marathons, free dining, etc.

Remember that many people who go to the parks do not stay on site. During “slow” seasons when there are fewer people going to the parks WDW offers discounts and promotions to encourage a greater proportion of the guests to stay at a WDW resort. The net effect is that even though the overall park attendance varies throughout the year, WDW resorts are almost always fully booked.

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Have you tried Orbitz? Disney gives them some reservations, so people have had luck booking through them. Use a discount code as well!