November 16, 2106


I am worried about my plan for November 16. I have looked at several crowd predictors from different sites and the predictions are very different for this one date. TP says AK will have a crowd level of 3 out of 10, while other sites list it as "red", don't go, etc.

I am thinking of switching our Epcot and AK days, but I'm worried about losing my good fast passes and reservations.

Am I overthinking this? Any ideas why there would be such variety of predictions? It is a Extra Magic hour morning at AK.

TIA, Julie


Honestly? Yes. A good plan is way more important than the crowd calendars (which are not always right). The sites that list AK as red are because of the EMH. They always seem to do that, and guess it is because they assume most don't or can't use it, but still go to that park that day. We always go to the morning EMH park and lines are very low the first 2 hours. We usually go at spring break and it is the best way to deal with the higher crowds later in the day. Keep your good fast passes and reservations, there is no reason to switch your days. Hope this helps calm your fears.


November 16, 2106
Am I overthinking this?

I'm going to go with "yes". I don't think any plan is going to still be valid 90 years from now.


Thank you!


I'm not sure which sites you're looking at, but some sites automatically list a park with EMH as "red" or "park to avoid" (because the majority of people can't use it, and it's a disadvantage to go to an EMH park if you don't use EMH). Actually, several years ago, TP also did this - but then they did away with "recommended" parks and "parks to avoid".