November 15 Park Hours/Information

Hi, we have a trip booked for the 9th to the 19th November 15. Could anyone tell me if the November park hours listed in the Crowd Calendar are official Disney park hours or still just estimated hours? I was also wondering about EMH - are these official? I have noticed that the day for the morning EMH in the MK when we travel seems to have changed.

The hours that are listed in the crowd calendar match the hours that were released yesterday for November. They have changed around some of the EMH for the parks for the fall.
Disney will probably update/change the operating hours at least once if not more as we get closer to November.


Thanks very much for your reply. Do EMH tend to stay the same or are they also subject to change like park operating hours. Thanks.

They might change, but it doesn’t happen as much as just regular operating hours changes. I would keep an eye on the September and October calendars as well. If you see EMH changes on them then it will probably happen for November.

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