Nov/Dec 2023 dates

Anyone want to talk to me about the pros/cons of the following dates?

This would be for a trip with DS6. I imagine that our trip will consist of RD and leaving the park mid-afternoon when we’re tired, then back to the resort for pool and relaxing time (probably WL or AKL). Maybe one or two evenings in the park, maybe a party if they’re on.

Nov 2-9 (This would be over a race weekend, correct? Does that just mean higher crowds and some roads blocked off early in the morning? I also assume this hits Jersey week)- this is my first choice, so if there’s any reason why this is a terrible idea please let me know :slight_smile:

Nov 11-18 (Been this time of the year twice before, higher crowds around the 11th)

Dec 7-14 (If swimming is important to us, we should not go then, right? I also hear that early Dec crowds are much higher than they used to be, and there’s not much advantage to this time frame anymore)

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I’d choose December 7-14. Weather is nice. The resorts and parks are decorated beautifully. The pools are heated and there will be plenty of people swimming. For all of your dates, it would be 90 and it could be 50. I’d opt for the date when everything will be decorated for the holidays and the Festival of the Holidays at Epcot will be in full swing.


Dec. 7-14. I love Festival of the Holidays, the food, the entertainment, the decorations. I had a trip planned for that time in 2022, but had to go in October because my 3rd DGD was due the day after Thanksgiving.

We adjusted our end of October/beginning of November dates to avoid the race weekend.

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I’m going down for the first week of December and had some of the same concerns as you regarding swimming. I decided to do it anyway & risk not having as much swim time, as I’m really looking forward to Christmas in Disney & not having to worry about such high temps (last time I went was in July and it was darn-awful). I know I didn’t really help answer your question, but I am glad I’m not the only one wondering the same things!!!

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We were just at the parks on Veterans day and also the week before Christmas. Stayed offsite on Veterans day weekend and could swim in a non heated pool. When we were there the week before Christmas it was too cold to swim the whole time and they even closed the pools at Wilderness Lodge.

I didn’t really notice too much difference between decorations or food stuff between the two times.

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