Nov 6-10 OR Nov 13-17


My wife and I are considering the two weeks to go to D-land. This will be our 5th time going in 8 years. November 7th is our anniversary and we went their on our honeymoon. Anywho, I am thinking that the second weed will be better due to not having the Marvel marathon on the 9th and 10th and Veterans day being on the 11th. The only thing that make me nervous is that it is one week before Thanksgiving. According to Touring Plans calendar it looks to be a slower week. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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I would say the 6-10 and my (very long & detailed) reasoning why:

  1. Mondays seems to be quite busy (almost as busy as Sat/Sun but without the extended weekend hours). Mondays that follow holiday weekends like that Monday the 13th are especially busy.
  2. Runners who decided to extend their stay a day to fly back home on Tuesday will add even more to that Monday storm. So with that in mind, the 13th will be much busier than the Monday the 6th prior.
  3. The 6th-8th will probably be some of the lowest times of the year as the Holiday season at DL doesn’t kick off until the 10th so there won’t be any specific event running to draw in extra crowds. It’s a Small world & Jungle Cruise will probably be down to finish their Holiday season overlays BUT since you would be staying all the way until the 10th you would be able to catch them & maybe even a soft open on the 9th.
  4. So even though the 9th & 10th may be busier with out of town & marathon runners than the 16th & 17th I think that the beginning of your week on the 6-10 will be so much quieter than the 13-15 as with the Holiday season & food festival that now kicks off with it start up, bringing in more local Annual Passholders. It’s also quite possible that the 17th is just as busy as the 10th as that will be the first weekend the out of Annual Passholders can experience the Holiday season/festivities & could draw in some of the out of town Annual Passholders for a quick weekend.
  5. The 7th is your actual anniversary and what better, magical place to be on the actual day than Disneyland?

Either way, I think you’ll have a great trip as those are both great weeks to pick from so enjoy all the planning! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for you response! Unfortunately yesterday I had to cancel due to my work and not being able to take a week off. However, we are going with our original plan of February 23rd - March 3rd. We will be staying in Newport Beach for the first 3 nights at the Marriott villas and then going to Anaheim for the remaining 5 nights. We will be visiting the park on February 26th - March 2nd. These should be slow times, we just have to wait longer.

Thank you for your response!!