Nov 30 needs longer hours!

For some reason the park (IofA) closes at the extremely early hour of 6 PM on W. Nov 30th. (low crowd levels? corporate event? Starting a reno on Hogwarts?) Most days it’s at least open until 7, or even later. 6 pm would be fine, if it wasn’t the last day that the Forbidden Journey and Hogwarts Castle were open prior to the 18 day closure.

If this 6PM early closing time also affects your trip, please consider emailing Universal asking them to consider keeping IoA open longer on Nov 30. I suspect I’m not the only Harry Potter Fan arriving to Orlando that day, really hoping to visit Hogwarts before it closes… (Diagon Alley is open until 7, but Hogwarts is key!)

It’s worth the 5 minutes to send an email. You never know, it could work!

I arrive on Nov 30 and sent an email today. We shall see.