Notifications looking weird?

My notifications have gone all wonky and I’m wondering if it’s just me.

Most notifications of replies are not showing up at all (@dianelynn replied recently in my SW thread, for example, but it’s not in my notifications list) and older ones have disappeared that were there earlier. Likes seem to be showing up fine.

Anyone else notice anything? Mods haven’t heard anything so I thought I’d cast my net wider.

I thought it was me and how I was using the forum. Like, if I was logged in, notifications weren’t showing up because it thought I saw them already. I’m spitballing here though. I did get an email that you @'d me, so that worked ok. If you click your name are they showing up but not highlighted because it thought you saw them? Or are they not even listed at all?

They aren’t even listed. It’s so weird

huh. That is weird. I just got the notification that you replied here, so whatever it is, it may be a random glitch or have something to do with just your account. :woman_shrugging: I hope it clears up for you or they figure out what’s causing it!

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This has been happening to me too, but I just figured it was user error on my side somehow :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Testing…Testing. “You’ve reached your limit of lifetime notifications and will need to restart your account.” :joy:

Ya know, kind a like the corona thread when it reaches 10,000 replies. :wink:


Something is weird - I was trying to change a settings on a thread I wanted to see to “watch” and I can’t edit those settings for the thread at all. I can’t on this thread either.

ETA : it’s working now