Notes in Plan Steps - GONE


I’m finalizing my MVMCP plans today. I decided to move steps around and add in another ride. After doing the Evaluate and refreshing - ALL my notes on ALL the steps have been deleted!!

I’ve gone back & “reactivated” old steps to see if that would recover them. It didn’t work. I wrote down detailed notes when I made the plan and now I can’t remember what they heck I wrote. I didn’t think I’d have to. That’s why i wrote it down!!!

Any advice? I’m too tired and have too much to do before I go to lose all this info!!


Now, any time I evaluate it moves any food stops steps to the top of the list regardless of time… I’m not pressing Optimize… just Evaluate… this is so upsetting…I’m basically ready to just give up and not bother… I remember enough of an “outline” what I had planned…


Probably need to tag @len on this one, in case there is something to be done!


Sorry @darkmite2 ! I hope things get better.

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Thanks! I’m fine… if this is my biggest problem in life right now, then I’m pretty blessed.

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On the positive of all this, it gave me an opportunity to reexamine the order I want to do things. I didn’t meet characters, except Mickey (of course!) at MNSSHP.

I’ve rearranged everything to do what all the vloggers recommend and go to the Meet & Greets during the first parade. They all say the characters should be walk-ups during that time. It does mean that I am watching all the shows back-to-back. (Which isn’t my preference, but I think I can break it up with a quick snack or even a character)