Note on new reservation

We were originally booked for a trip this past May. We rescheduled to October, but I had a feeling we would end up needing to reschedule again, so I booked a room only for May 2021. I explained all this to the CM on the phone. He got everything set up and charged me a $200 deposit for each of the 2 rooms I booked. I didn’t think anything of it until now. I already had tickets I bought 3rd party, so I’m not going to be getting a package. He had to have seen the tickets linked in MDE. I looked at the details of the reservation and it says “21 return basic package”. Does anyone else have that listed on a reservation? I thought it was odd.

And we did cancel our October reservation, so May 2021 it is.

It seems to be a new thing. I think it’s to allow people to add tickets and (maybe) dining if / when they reinstate it if they want to.

It also probably helps mark it as a rebooking due to Covid.

A basic package is room + “Magical Extras” (the mini golf coupons and whatever else). It has the same rules as a package - has to be paid 30 days in advance, etc. You can also get 0% financing if you pay for it with your Disney Rewards Visa. It should have an 8-digit reservation number (vs a really long room-only confirmation number).

It does have an 8 digit number. Interesting. Thanks!

I’m annoyed when they book a room-only as a “basic package.” You have to pay it sooner and more restrictive cancellation.

It doesn’t really bother me. We would probably pay it early anyway.

What number did you call to reserve your May 2021 room? Trying to book for July 2021 and all I get is a recording saying WDW is closed and they aren’t accepting reservations at this time. Thanks.

I had booked it a week before they shut everything down. It was going to be our back up trip for October. Just in case. Looks like I did it just in the nick of time. We cancelled October after news of this mess and are going with May.

I see. Thanks.

When I made a back up reservation for next April in case our December trip doesn’t happen, the CM said it was better to book it as a basic package because is easier to make changes without having to cancel, get a refund, and then book a new reservation. It can just use the same deposit. That was my understanding anyway.