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Haha I remember reading some of your “negatives” from your trip reports and thinking “Yeah, I give him about a month before he’s itching to go back”… and you lasted almost two months so I’m proud lol.

However, this is totally normal. That’s how they get you. They suck you in.


Totally normal. Disney couldn’t charge as much as they do, if no one wanted to go back…


We know that you are not normal, and yes, you should worry… :wink:


Perfectly normal!

You could start planning. Stuff like working out how much you need to put away each month to go in 3/4/5 years time. Where you would stay and so on. There are video walk throughs of all the resorts online (try all ears), which are a good way to get a feel for them.

Actually, 4 years or so would be perfect, not only Star Wars land and gondolas but all the Epcot stuff and Tron etc. would be ready.


No he didn’t lol! This is the second thread he’s posted about wanting to return :joy:


Totally normal within these walls. Outside, I cannot promise anything.


Totally normal! This year alone I have been to WDW in January and April and Disneyland in June and September. I leave for WDW tomorrow, and we are going to Disneyland at the end of November for my daughter’s 16th birthday. We don’t live anywhere near either park, doesn’t stop me! It is a true obsession at this point.


I think our “normal meters” are broken here. We all understand but I have embraced the fact that I am a Disney freak- welcome to the club!


Well in that case, I take back being proud of him lol

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I’m loving the quote that someone posted on chat the other day. “Disney is like childbirth. Sooner or later the desire for another overcomes any past trauma.”

The first few weeks after I had my son I swore that I would NEVER be doing this again. I had a very easy delivery, but pregnancy and the newborn stage were miserable for me. But here I am about to get back on the horse again and hoping for a 2nd son so that we can still fit into a DVC studio!


I was the exact same way! We went for the first time this past May. We had the most amazing time and I thought about it constantly when we got back, but it was expensive and it’s a longish haul for us (we’re on the far east coast of Canada), so I agreed that we’d wait 2-3 years to go back.

Our next trip is April 14th. :smile:


Perfectly normal. Start planning. :grin:


Yep, normal at least on here. People look at me like I’m crazy, including my own parents, when I tell them we are about to go for our third time this year, March, July, and Thanksgiving week. Oh, and we don’t have kids, so our friends think we are crazy as well. They just don’t get it. March was my first time back since 1987 and DW hadn’t been since 1979.


Yay! So glad you are considering another round. I know your recent vacation took a financial toll, but it was all obviously worth it.

My husband has agreed to our November trip as a once in a childhood right of passage for our children - One and Done! But I am crossing my fingers that he will enjoy it enough to agree to another trip in 2021. My hope is to experience my first F&W during the WDW 50th Celebration. See you then?!


Totally normal. I went in Aug 2016, next trip will be Aug 2019. Not a day has gone by when I didn’t wish I was back there. I don’t know how I can wait. And 3 years will be my shortest gap between trips. My longest was 12, I don’t know how I got through it!


When we go my husband and I repeatedly tell each other “don’t drink the Kool Aid.” They’ll get ya! But it never works and we want to go back. I do think our visit next month will be it for a while as we want to take our kids to other places and explore other aspects of the world besides theme parks.


Yep, very normal in an abnormal sort of way.

I have many places I’d like to take my family, but we all keep talking about WDW.
What really seals the deal is my DW and I both like the planning aspects (me a bit more) as you seem to as well.

Which makes the whole thing remain in our brains with this buzzy dizzy Disney undercurrent for long periods of time.
Wait, maybe this MagicBand on my desk is connecting to my brainwaves… eyes desk suspiciously


It’s a mixture of wanting to repeat those memories that I think will stay with me forever, with the knowledge that I know I could make my next trip even better than the last one now that I know what I’m doing. I rushed so much of the last trip that it was a bit of a blur and I want to go back and smell the roses. And do FOP again. And Spider-Man. And see Hogwart’s one more time. (Yeah, it’s not just WDW for me.)

And I’m still not over the Cobb salad at HBD. I’d never even heard of one before my trip. And when I saw it! Wow. It was incredible.

Ugh. I want to go tomorrow, but I want to wait until all the new stuff is built and bedded in. But I hated the flight. (And — forgive me — but the US is in a kind of weird place at the moment and it feels a bit weird going there.)

I’ve tastelessly said to myself that when my dog — who is currently staring at me and I don’t think he’s impressed by this thought — passes on (he’s only seven, it’ll be a while, God willing) then I’m going straight to my travel agent and I’m getting on a flight within a week. I have empty credit cards lined up and ready to go!

Argh! What’s wrong with me?

@JJT is right. There’s something in those Magic Bands. I should seal mine away in a lead box.


Lol, yes that totally happened to us. I will say that after 4 months or so the obsession lessened and I got back to my regular old boring life. But I’m still here surfing so not completely…

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