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It looks great! Did you actually get Sci-Fi this late in the game, as well as Artist Point? If so, that’s awesome!

I was about to tell you that you needed to change your schedule in order to meet us, but we will both be in Epcot on the 23rd. Maybe we can work in a meet…

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Isn’t Artist Point the Snow White character meal by this point?

Just making sure @profmatt is aware or can check - but I think it changes sometime in December.

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I don’t know anything about the party, as we will not be going, even though we arrived that last night of the party.

Yes, you need both warm and cold weather clothes, preferably layered. Temps can be all over the place. The last time we went at Christmas, we just about froze on some days, and wore too much clothing on others. I would take sunscreen as the sun does shine in the winter.


Yes, it is the Snow White character meal at that point. I believe the switch over happens this month.


All those ADRs were acquired in the last 18 hours or so. Very pleased with what I got, despite the lack of choice. (In some cases when I chose a date and meal it just said there was nothing at all available!)

Yes, I’m aware AP has changed to a character meal. I’m fine with that. I want an excuse to visit WL to see the decorations and the meal and the characters actually appeal to me.


I would be delighted to meet any Liners during my trip. I was lucky enough to bump into two Liners (two separate bumps!) during my trip in June, purely by chance. That was genuinely lovely.


Cool! Just checking! I would have hated for you to think it was the old Artist’s Point and discovered it was a character meal.

Happy holidays!!


Sounds great so far.

Now about getting to bed … It’s nearly 10pm, so I think you should get some sleep and come back to the replies in the morning!


That was actually my plan.

Oh, one last update:

I’ve decided to go all-in on MVMCP so I booked the dessert party for the fireworks. Unfortunately, because I already have a reservation for the parade dessert party, the system thought I was being too greedy.

So I booked the dessert party using my dummy profile, in Calvin’s name. (With Pluto as the avatar :rofl:)

Will I go to Disney jail?

When I’ve done dessert parties in the past they just ask you your name when you check in. They don’t ask for ID or scan your magic band or anything.


Wow-- great last minute trip!

Doing Tony’s and the dessert party seems like overkill. You will be cutting into your time to enjoy the park and meet special characters. Plus, part of the perks of the party that you already paid for with your MVMCP ticket is free desserts and beverages throughout the park. I have heard really great things about the Tony’s party due to the parade viewing location. I would consider just keeping Tony’s and letting go of the fireworks dessert party.


The dessert party is all about getting a good spot for the fireworks without hassle. I don’t care about the desserts.


I will be there the same time! (Dec. 17 - 22.) Along with my mom and daughter, celebrating her graduation from Penn.


I think it’s amazing what you have been able to put together in the past day.
Just curious if you have much interest in the holiday storytellers in Epcot or the food booths? You haven’t allotted a lot of time for that, but those may not be a priority for you. And have you thought about a dining package since you are doing the candlelight processional?

The Tony’s event is available once it opens for the event until 12:30 (30 minutes past the end of the party?).

WDW prep school has had a ton of great info on the party and holidays at the World in general. I would highly recommend you check out her podcast and website.


I agree with AK and HS the first 2 days because you’ll be awake so early, makes it easy to do FOP & SDD first. I know you listen to Backside of magic, so try for the FOP FPP drop if you can. I would suggest more eating at QS and lounges considering how many TS meals you’ll have in July, but it’s such a busy time of year that I would want TS meals for the guaranteed seat. Character meals are great value when you’re on the DDP but rather expensive OOP. Will you get an annual pass? it would make your ticket in July useless but I think as long as it isn’t used you can put it towards a future ticket. There will be food booths at EP for the holidays festival, I don’t think you’ve gone during a festival before? Eating and drinking around WS should be fun. Are Teppan Edo or Biergarten on your list for either trip?

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Many thanks to @Kkerr76 for that link — reading through all the extra Christmassy stuff in each park has really got me in the mood and excited :grin:

I’m not currently planning on rope-dropping. EMM at TSL was available on my DHS day but that’s also the day I’m doing MVMCP and that would end up being just too long a day.

Incidentally, my allocation of parks to days was based on the TP crowd calendar.


But you’re going to be awake at 6am? Could you nap in the afternoon before the party?