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What is the latest possible seating at CRT? I love all of your dinner plans but I feel like HEA from the hub - and on night zero! - is a fabulous thing. I did it last January and it was such a perfect start to my trip. Imagine taking that in and then sitting down in the castle to dine?

I haven’t looked too closely at the rest because I have been trying to figure out how to get you all of that yummy food AND HEA in the hub. More later…

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Based on the previous week it’s at least 11pm (though already without availability). So that would be perfect to do CRT after HEA. That would give me more time to fit in FPPs, too.

Why did I not think of this?

(BOG is also booked up after HEA the previous Wednesday.)

Looks good but I agree with your thought of not having MK past day 4…I’d want sometime later in the week. But the week is well planned and great meals!

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OK, here’s a proposal:

Switch arrival day to DHS, with late HBD dinner. Switch HBD on 17th to dinner at CG, followed by EMH at MK.

Switch CG dinner on 11th to CRT dinner after HEA in the hub.

Because you are not an old woman who has been to WDW tens of thousands of times like me


That would work!

Can’t miss HBD. That Cobb salad…

If I can get the ADRs. They look difficult to get.

I was actually disappointed with mine in June last year. It was the starter size and the presentation was poor.

Might be good… MK is my favorite by far so having a day in the beginning and end would be nice.

What are you most excited to see in July? That’s what I would start with.

Consider the full size. Add chicken.

Looks like an awesome plan. I bow to your stamina that you can manage this full a schedule in July; walking from my front door to my car is about all I’m up for in the middle of a FL summer…

The only thing I might do differently would be to put both UOR days st the end and relocate to a UOR resort for my last two nights to take advantage of Express Pass at UOR. That I as how I planned our last 10 day Orlando trip; sadly, Cindy got sick and I had to cancel the entire UOR segment and drive home 3 days early…

I really like your spreadsheet setup. Just wanted to say that. And your trip looks amazing.

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Well, to be honest, I don’t know that I can!

I did look into that but the ones that give EPs are wildly expensive. I can see how it would make sense for a family but not for a solo traveler.

I had the full size the first time I went. I think I shared it with my friend. It was all really neatly laid out and visually very impressive. Last year’s was laid out very poorly and the dish was diminished.

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Eating at CG last night is a great call and a perfect place to see HEA


Yes, I felt Narcoossee’s as a last night dinner was a bit of a weak ending.

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Yes, especially compared to CG. Not saying that Narcoossee’s isn’t good - it is - but the overall CG experience is much more memorable.

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CG looks cavernous. …that is what deters me.

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I feel this way after every iteration of my plans. Its kind of comforting to know that however the plan actually turns out, it feels almost perfect.

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I cannot help but notice that you did not mention Flying Fish. Is that scheduled for one of your UOR days, or???

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