Not to Be Missed World Showcase Light Bites and Drinks

Adults only trip (1st without kids in 25 years!). Date night at Epcot. No table service meals or even full counter service meals - just looking for ideas for light bites we can share and the “best of the best” drinks (since we can’t possibly taste them all).

When will you be going? Will it be during Food & Wine?

Unfortunately not! (We are going next week to pick up our daughter who’s been with the Disney College Program since January of this year.)

These were out faves:

Germany: pretzel and beer/Riesling, carmels
The pretzels are true German pretzels (different than the standard soft pretzel throughout all the parks) and the Riesling and beer are true German ones. Yum! The carmels (and I’m not particularly a fan) were delicious. So many to choose from in the shop there!

France: pick anything at the Boulangerie in Les Halle’s
We went for the cheese plate and espresso, but there were so many treats savory and sweet that looked delicious!

Morocco: baklava and mint tea
This was a particular favorite of ours (maybe not a must do for everyone) because my husband loooooves baklava and they had a variety of kinds to try. I love Moroccan mint tea.

Things I’m sad we missed (and am looking forward to getting next time!):
Drinks and chips/guac and La Cava de Tequila @ Mexico
School bread or something else sweet in Norway
Charcuterie and wine in Italy

Grand Marnier slush from France, with a pastry from Les Halles.


Great ideas! Thank you so much!!!

Two suggestions for opposite ends of WS…
La Cava de Tequila and Rose & Crown Pub two of our favorites…

100% agree about the Werther’s shop in Germany. It’s a must stop every trip to Epcot. I love the fruit pieces that are covered in chocolate, marshmallow, and caramel! :yum:

definitely the booze slushes in France (@Nickysyme mentioned the grand marnier. the citron vodka one is great too).

The Tokyo sunset at the kiosk in Japan. They also sell a frozen violet saki.

There’s a walk up in Morocco that sells pretty potent beverages.

The margaritas at the La Cava are great (but pricey). If you can go on Monday, they’re a few bucks off. Tell them you follow them on twitter and you’ll get some freebies too. (Also, follow them on twitter!)
The margaritas outside at the quick service are also respectable.

Great ideas! Keep them coming!