Not staying on property- when can I make fast pass and dining?

Thank you for your thorough responses to past inquiries. I appreciate your expertise and assistance greatly. We are planning a trip the first full week of December and will purchase hopper passes (Not sure if they are still called that?) but we are staying off site. I know fast passes I believe I can do 30 days out but what about dining reservations?

Thank You!

Sounds like a fun trip! You can make dining reservations now! Dining (ADRs) open up 180 days before any date. You do not need to be staying at Disney. Yes, you can make fast passes, one day at a time, at day 30. You should have tickets linked in MDE?

I have not yet purchased our tickets. So, once I do, I can then make the dining reservations?

No, you need tickets linked to make Fast Passes. You can make dining reservations tonight- right now! You are under 180 days.

You can make the dining reservations now. I made the same mistake as I thought I need some kind of tickets until I tried on the mydisneyexperience app. If you are planning for December, a lot of restaurants are already booked. Hurry!

Got it- thank you.

Didn’t 180 used to be for onsite guests only (dining) or am I remembering wrong?

Onsite have the perk of being able to make ADRs for their first 10 days when they get to 180 from arrival date, offsite have to do it at 180 from the date they want the ADR so would have to do it every day for 10 days.

Thank you for clearing that up for me!

No worries, that seems to confuse a lot of people!