Not So Scary - tips for best parade/fireworks experience?

Our kids are between 4 and 8 years of age, and this year will be their 3rd visit to WDW. We’ve had a great time each year, but I want this year to be planned out better than before.(translated, I’m in charge this time LOL).

We were lucky enough to get front-row seats in the Hub for the Christmas parade a couple years ago, but last year at HW, we were in Liberty Square. Great seats, but we completely missed the projections and fireworks. Technically speaking, “I” missed them, as I was holding the spot with a couple sleeping kids.

Any tips on how early you stake out seats, and where? I have read sites like wdwprep, but really looking for the insights of all the people on this board. Seems like a fine balance between getting in place very early vs. missing ride time.


I went to the first party so I do not know if other parties will be different but I will share what I did. For the parade I found a spot where I sat about 20 minutes before the first parade (maybe just lucky?)

We sat cross legged on the wall, There were people sitting on the edge in front of us and others stood behind us. Think this may be the spot that Be Our Guest podcast was talking about last week. They were saying they stood on the wall?

For the fireworks and celebrate the magic I went to the garden viewing area in front of the Plaza Restaurant that used to be the FP viewing area. These days on regular nights it is the garden viewing area of the dessert party. It was completely open- and you can find a spot on the grass. I like to stand in the back next to the fence.

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