Not so scary party question

Hello all,
We were thinking about doing MK on a not so scary party day because of the crowd level being so low. We are not getting tickets to the party. To maximize our time in the park we were debating on making a dining reservation for 5:30 or 6 when the park closes. For those of you who have done this does the meal feel rushed like their trying to get you out before 7? The 2 restaurants we are considering are liberty tree or crystal palace.

They will not rush / push you out of your meal. They won’t let you linger either though. If you are not staying for the party that’s when you’ll feel “rushed” out of the park as soon as your meal is done. The CMs do wristband checks for each person starting at 6pm and definitely start herding you out at that time. They only want MNSSHP in the park starting at 7pm.

Thank you. We don’t plan on sticking around we just wanted to try and utilize all the hours up to 6pm.:grinning:

Liberty Tree Tavern is not open during g the party so all reservations will work for your plans. Crystal Palace will begin party only reservations, most likely before 6:00.

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I’ll just add another perspective. Eating a TS in MK and then being rushed out doesn’t necessarily feel like “maximizing park time” to me. Why not just actually stay in the park until it closes and then go to DS or a resort for a better quality dinner? (And I do speak as a Crystal Palace fan.)


That sounds good to me too. So much great TS at resorts.

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We did a 5:30 pm at CRT on a party night. It was great. They did not rush us.

I guess we thought we were maximizing because the park closes at 6pm and the reservation would be made for 6 or close to it. There are a bunch of restaurants that look awesome at DS and the resorts however we are not renting a car this time and are trying to eat at the parks to save bus time.

Thanks for all your input we have learned so much from the forums on here.

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If you’ve never done some of the character meals at WDW - definitely go for it! Looking at your screen name you are a Pooh fan - as am I. I make CP a dinner stop on most trips & the food is good. (I’m sure there are better / fancier places on property, but my heart melts every time I meet my friends from the Hundred Acre Woods)

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I am a big Pooh fan (as you figured out). These are the restaurants we booked;
Ohana - dinner
50’s prime time - dinner
Garden grill - b-fast
Liberty tree - dinner
Tusker house - b-fast
Sci fi - dinner
Rainforest - dinner
Crystal palace - b-fast
T-Rex - lunch (last day) :sob:

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