Not so Scary Hallowe'en Party

I have just noticed that the first date for the Not so Scary Hallowe’en Party starts on the 25th August my questions are when will tickets go on sale and how hard will it be to get these?

Interested in this too if anyone can shed any light. A bit of research suggests tickets normally go on sale in early May but it would be good if someone could confirm this (as well as how busy the first party on 25th August would be)

Abeginning of May sounds about right. Most likely that first party will not sell out but if it does it will be closer to that date. How busy will that party be? Who knows? An August party? I went to the first party last year. I was scared because there were crazy reports from the year before. There was supposed to be a hurricane, but there was not. It was a great party. I was able to get a parade spot 20 minutes before the parade.

It looks like tickets are on sale now.

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