Not overly I crazy?

We have a trip coming up in early December. This is our second family trip with DH and our 3 kids. Our first trip was in May 2017, which had surpassed my every wish as a perfect trip. No travel mishaps, not many Lil one melt downs, excellent weather. My fear is that the first trip set the bar so high, that our next trip won’t be able to compare. Obviously I’m looking forward to our trip, but I don’t feel myself being as excited as last time. Maybe it’s because I’m in that planning lull between ADRs and FPP…anyone else feel this way about upcoming trips?


Yes. We had that feeling for our Universal Orlando trip this year. We had planned for it for so long, saved for it, had a nice rental condo to stay in, etc. But the entire time, my wife and I were secretly (or not so secretly) wishing the trip was for Disney. Even once we arrived, we were more excited to hit Disney Springs than we were to hit Universal!

Not that it mattered. We still had a great time. But at the end of the trip, we said, “Okay. Can’t wait to come back and do Disney again!”

Every trip to Disney is a new experience for us. We’ve done Universal twice, and both times we left kind of wishing we had done Disney instead, although not regretting having experience Universal. (Both times we hit Universal because of HP.)


I always worry about this. You can’t create the same perfect trip but you can create a different perfect trip. I agree about the lull too but we must not wish our lives away.


We did our first two trips as a family almost 2 years apart. I found that each trip was great for very different reasons. We are possibly going again in 2020 and I am not expecting it to be at all the same as the first two. For one thing, we are bringing a friend along who has never been to DW and for another, there will be so many new things to see. I just find that each trip is not exactly the same, even if you are doing some of the same things. You can also use your prior trip to help make your next one go even smoother from all the tips and tricks you have learned.


Over the course of the past 43 years, I have had a dozen or more trips encompassing 60 or so days at WDW. No two trips have been the same and all have been memorable for different reasons. New/different attractions and restaurants, the people I’ve gone with, and the people (Liners) that I’ve met there have all contributed to this. My last trip was about as close to “perfect” (except for one day) as I could hope for; I have some of the same feelings that you have.

But my next trip is in Dec '19 and there will (should) be 9 major attractions, 4 or 5 night time shows, and numerous restaurants that will be “new to me”. I’ll also be staying at a “new” resort (WL), which has always been on my short list of places to stay. Additionally, this trip will be solo, so it will be “all about me”. I think always trying something new each trip has helped make each trip excellent in it’s own right. Set your expectations on what is going to make this trip awesome, and not how it will compare to your last trip.