Not going to early Fantasyland entrance but it is the lowest day to go on our trip?

I am considering going to MK on May 31st as it is the lowest crowd number in the beginning part of our trip, we will go to Mk 2 times, once in the beginning of the trip and once at the end. It says that there is an event from 7:45-9 which we are not going to, don’t bother convincing me on that one : ) Don’t want to wake up that early (coming in from the West coast) so not on the timezone quite yet, don’t want to pay the extra, and since we are going to MK twice and my kids are 10 and 17 Fantasyland isn’t quite as high of a priority. Anyway, if there is that morning event (not early entry for hotel guests) it is a breakfast buffet and Fantasyland opening, how should I plan for rope drop? Is there anything different I should do? Anyone know how it impacts crowds? Any thoughts?


We’ve been to MK on EMM days many times (didn’t attend EMM) and have noticed zero effect on crowd levels. On two occasions, we had a PPO breakfast at BOG and the only difference for riding 7DMT was that we didn’t board the ride until park opening instead of a little before like on non-emm days. It was still a walk on. The number of Emm tickets sold is very low which is why it doesn’t affect crowds at RD. I would plan to be at the park at least 30 minutes early to really take advantage of RD low waits.

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EMM has no effect on RD strategy. (I’ve done EMM and been there on mornings when EMM was happening.) Just get to MK an hour before opening and you’ll be fine if you want to RD.

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