Not Evaluating last portion of my plan Epcot Su 1/8/17

Had to adjust a couple things to be in Imagination Pavilion after 1pm for Visa Character Meet.
Is not showing times for the last few items.

Are you using optimize or evaluate?

Optimize changes the order. In this case you have illuminations before attractions that won’t be open after illuminations. If you are evaluating instead of optimizing the attractions stay in that order and you will see N/A. Optimize! That should fix it.

Evaluate so it wouldn’t move things around.

That day there are evening EMH and the three attractions are what they recommended when I Optimized prior to moving up Mission Space from after Spaceship Earth so I would be at Imagination Pavilion closer to 1pm when the Visa Meets start.

No. it just gives you wait times based on the order listed.

Put in a break for your visa meet and greet and then optimize. See if that fixes the problem.

Right it should but the last part of the plan shows NA even though there is ample time.

Will try that. Actually someone else recommended putting the nearest restaurant for things not listed so will at least show in the right area. Thanks.

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Yep that is a good way to do it too!

Glad I copied it. Do not like the plan Optimized. Moves both Test Track and Soarin’ to EMH with Living with the Land. Rather do one first thing in case we decide we’re too tired to stay that late. Will just hope the other isn’t showing NA because of I don’t know what. Will hope for the best.