Not doing EMM - so don't RD?

If I choose not to pay for EMM - Do I lose the advantage of rope drop in MK?

Nope. EMM doesn’t really impact rope drop. The only time ripe drop is impacted is when there is a morning Extra Magic Hour…

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If it’s anythkng like TSL EMM all of the EMM folks leave and head to breakfast or other parts of the park when the RD crowd comes in.

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That is what we plan on doing on our upcoming trip, to leave when the crowd arrives.

Funny. Some podcasts say to stay away from parks with EMM, but I trust liner knowledge better.

I wonder if they’re confusing EMM with EMH?

And even then the impact is not as much as conventional wisdom would lead you to believe. A good TP can negate most of the impact that EMH has on normal park hours.

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I read somewhere (maybe Easy WDW) than EMM in MK adds about 5-10 minutes onto the rope drop wait for SDMT. Other than that, not really any effect.

I don’t see that being something that would add to it, due to there not being as many people that are allowed to attend EMM, and they leave when the RD takes place.