Not about the food, but still gotta eat!

From my reading, I understand that quick service at WDW is not all that. While on my trip I do intend on eating at a few sit down restaurants (2-3 maybe total), but the bulk of my dining will be QS or snacks. What are some good (tasty) options at each park?

I think I may be a bit spoiled by DLR in this category and LOVE Fried chicken at Plaza, Mac N’ Cheese cones at the Cozy Cone, burgers at WWS, breakfast at Flo’s V-8, etc. Any must haves like that in WDW?

To me there may be a couple of items. The Nutella waffle at Sleepy Hollow and maybe a bowl at Satu’ll Canteen?

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The food at Satuli is really delicious. My favorite QS meal! I also really enjoyed my breakfast from Woody’s Lunchbox. I’ve heard good things about their lunch as well.

Nomad Lounge at AK was also incredibly delicious!

Let me look back at my solo trip. I had some yummy snacks!

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I’ll start by saying that I’m primarily a TS lunch and dinner guy, with a “snack” for breakfast, but over the years I have acquired some QS experience…

The QS food is definitely better, on the whole, at DLR than at WDW. The clam chowder in a sourdough bowl from Boudin’s in DCA is a favorite, and the mac and cheese hot dog from the Refreshment Center is a true guilty pleasure. That being said, here are some of my choices if I find myself without an ADR…

EP certainly has the best options; Yorkshire Fish and Chips, Tangerine Cafe, and Katsura are all pretty good. If bratwurst is your thing, Sommerfest is also a worthy candidate (the mac and cheese is really good too). Garden Grill in FW has many options; it’s OK, but I prefer something a bit more exotic.

At MK, Columbia Harbor House is the only one I will go to by choice for a meal. BOG is technically a QS for lunch, and although the food is so-so at least you can sit down, inside, in a very nicely themed restaurant. A cinnamon roll at Gaston’s is a favorite breakfast, and the ice cream cookie sandwich at Sleepy Hollow is a favorite afternoon snack.

Not a lot of experience at AK. Yak and Yeti was OK, but nothing I would look forward to.Flame Tree gets a lot of good reviews, as does Satuli Canteen. Kusafari is good for a pastry and coffee for breakfast.

And then there’s DHS… This park has the reputation of having most notoriously bad QS in any US Disney park. Back in the days of Pizza Planet the pizza was OK in a Pizza Hut sort of way(with a very long wait). Haven’t been since it changed over to Pizzarizzo - but I just read that it’snow a “seasonal” restaurant that will probably only be open during busy times.

There are others with a lot more QS experience that can probably give you more suggestions…


That would be great! Thank you.

That waffle sounds pretty good!

Thank you for all your suggestions!

Pretty much ALL we eat at WDW is QS. We usually do table service once for an entire trip. (This is mostly to save costs, since we’re really there for the rides/experience.)

Anyhow, here are just a few thoughts from my experience:

  1. At AK, we haven’t tried much. We did Harambe market last time we were there, but really didn’t like it. However, the food options have been modified since then I think, so that may no longer be the case.
  2. At MK, for value, the Golden Oak place across from Pecos Bill offers a good amount of chicken nuggets and waffle fries. And they are really good! We bought a couple entrees and shared them.
  3. At EP, my wife and I got QS in China at the Lotus Blossom. We really liked it a lot, and it was a lot of food.
  4. At HS…honestly, nothing truly memorable there. I’m sure there are good things…just nothing that stands out.
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Good intel, thank you! At AK I am thinking the Nomad Lounge is sounding pretty good. I think at EP I will just snack my way through (Lotus Blossom sounds amazing)! I will be there during the flower and garden festival and it sounds like that will bring some interesting options my way. HS, I will make sure I have plenty of snacks with me! I am not a huge chicken strip gal, but I will keep it in my back pocket just in case.

I wonder if it’s changed. It has the reputation of being the worst QS in EP, and the one time I tried (quite a while ago) my experience matched the reputation.

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This was two years ago. Only been there once. We were happy with our food. So much so that my wife and I already added it to our list of eateries to visit on our December 2020 trip.

But who knows. We’re not really foodies! Perhaps we just have bad taste in food!

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My multiple experiences as well (my son used to love it).

It may not have been “bad”, but I can get much better at my local hole in the wall Chinese take-out for half the price; I prefer to use my limited WDW meal slots at one of the locations that I like much better.

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And don’t forget your taste in wine. :rofl:

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Nomad lounge is a treat if you are thinking of it as QS. I love Satu’li at AK too.

At EP, the choices are just so many with WS. However, if you find yourself ready for lunch in FW, I really liked the Land Pavilion’s cafeteria. Lots of fresh produce from the greenhouses. Very good!

I second lots of what has been said about MK. Maybe a place to snack all day. Columbia Harbor House isn’t too bad, though. Sitting upstairs can be a nice break. For this trip though, we are opting to take a meal break at one of the MK resorts.

I find HS a little lacking as well but I like Rosie’s because it had a fried green tomato sandwich which I found very yummy and a fun non-traditional option.

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Bad taste in wine? Or in the very least, wine with bad taste!

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