Nooooooooooooo - (haunted mansion) - ooooooooooooooooooo!

My friends and I will be visiting Disneyland in February. It’s my first time at DL in like 20 years. We used to go to Disney World all the time, but we wanted to go cross country and visit LA and Disneyland this time. Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride and I just found out it’s going under refurbishment :frowning: I’M SO SAD. It’s going under refurbishment on January 22 and we’ll be there on February 6th. No way it’s going to be done in time.

That’s all. That’s the post. Just a pity party for me.


I’m sorry


Rumor is it won’t reopen until Halloween time due to the construction of a new queue and a gift shop at the exit. I’ll be there at the end of February and am bummed too that it will be closed.


So sorry you’ll miss it! But as stated above, you shouldn’t feel too bad because every single person who will go from Jan-August will miss all Haunted Mansion since yes the refurbishment is expected to last until the next Halloween season. It’s a little sad because it means zero regular Haunted Mansion for 2024 and while I love the NBC Halloween overaly, I do feel for those that don’t but love regular Haunted Mansion so who usually only get Feb-Aug on a regular year.

That bites. I hope they’re using that time to make the queue the best ever.

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Someone told me it might not even be until 2025!

I was seeing those reports, but then 1 of them clarified they meant original Haunted Mansion won’t be back until 2025, but Nightmare Before Christmas would be back by Halloween. I’m hoping that’s what happens & not that there’s no Haunted Mansion all year.

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They’re taking the dead space that was the old FP kiosks tucked back to the side of the entrance and making more permanent queue space that way and building a good old fashioned gift shop at the exit.

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