Noob question re Split Stay DVC Rentals

So in April 2021 we’ve got three separate DVC rentals booked and there they are in my MDE.

When I get tickets I’ll link them to the first reservation because that’s the first day of activation.
And when we order MBs we’ll just order them for the first reservation because I understand they’ll work for every stay linked to MDE.

So am I missing any step wherein I need to spell out that these three reservations constitute one trip?
Anything that will allow me to book ADRs for the entire stay 60-days out from the first day?

IIRC, I couldn’t book ADRs for the whole trip - I had to do those separately for each of our splits. However, FPs could be booked in one batch.

I didn’t have to do anything else to “link” them together. One thing that just seemed to work. :smiley:

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