Non-Subscription Access to LA Cava Chat

My subscription expired yesterday. I will be renewing, just didn’t get to it yesterday. I can no longer post on Lines Chat, which is what I expected, but I can still access La Cava Chat here on the forums to read & reply to topics. If @daybreaker or someone else can take a look at it, I will hold off renewing so I can test & report for you.

That’s an interesting development. I’ll flag this post so they can investigate the issue (and I can try to get that badge)

Happy to help. :wink:

I flagged it, too, for good measure. You can never have enough badges!


No response yet from the flags. Paging @daybreaker, @lentesta, or @laurelstewart (or any other staff member).

Len responded to one of the flags. We’re looking at it.

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Thank you! Sorry to bug you so early.

Oops, my bad. Len told me they’re looking in to it… but I guess you know that by now.

LOL. Thanks Keith!

Any update on this?

My subscription has now expired and I can also still see La Cava. @daybreaker @len @LaurelStewart


Have you heard anything?

Nada. And I can still see La Cava haha

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Any word on this? Should I just go ahead and renew or are you still looking at it?

I never heard a peep from any staff about it, and someone generously renewed my subscription for me, so I can no longer be a guinea pig.

La Cava is enabled for anyone Trust Level One or higher. The open source software we’re using won’t allow us to create a group of subscribers vs. registered users. Chat away.
If Discourse removes the barrier that keeps us from making it subscriber-only, we’ll update the section.
FWIW, we think the benefit of the subscription is the tools, not the social aspect. Lines (which we wrote ourselves) is still subscriber only for most features.

And we’re happy to have everyone here, paid subscriber or not.

Thanks Laurel. I was just holding off because I didn’t know if you would need someone to do some testing. It’s not like I have any trips planned at the moment where I would need the tools. =)

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