Non stop flight changed to 3 HR lay over

I am disappointed. Want my ns direct flights. My son’s flight from bwi will now arrive 3 hours before us and I can’t get him on our flight(we have a 3 HR layover in BWI). I can push him Bach an hour but this is :frowning: . I know others have been in same boat, what to do.

I would not fly anyway but direct as I’m terrified to take off my KN95 mask in the airport or on the plane as there is no 6 feet anywhere and I can’t go that long without water. People take off their masks to wipe their noses, cough, sneeze and talk. I just don’t understand people but I’m in such a state of anxiety at the airport and on the plane I would cancel the flight and find another airline. I flew Spirit last time because it was the only direct besides Frontier and had better times.

@jennyturinThanks for that great suggestion(sometimes I don’t think bigger than the bag im in), I did check other SWA airports that were close to me , but DH doesn’t want to drive 1.5 hrs when we have an airport(small-10 mins away)…but I did follow your advice an looked into Jet Blue/United etc. The Jet blue we would have lost arrival and departure days due to times, and the United et al were all at least one stop too- so not gaining anything. I understand about the flights, but 2 of ours are health care workers and fully vaccinated and I have had covid, so I feel I have some immunity . I was able to switch my son on to our flight, so that was good. I have to accept this is beyond our control and live with the best choices available. Thanks


yup sounds like it. I’d feel much safer in your shoes. I’ve had zero vaccines and have not been sick.

If you are looking to insulate yourself from unwelcome flight changes than Frontier is not your friend!

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Just a minor note along the lines of connecting/adjoining rooms not meaning the same thing.

A flight that does not have a stop is a non-stop flight.

A direct flight COULD in fact have a stop but the flight number remains the same.

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Yes, I was on a nonstop. I’m now on a layover.

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Frontier is not at my airport…so I’m safe

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Understood. I probably should have posted it as a reply to the poster talking about only flying direct.