Non Resort Guest Hotel Parking at Wilderness Lodge

Quick question, my wife and two kids are staying at WL. My in laws are staying at Shades of Green. The day we go to parks will they be able to park their car at the WL to meet up with us and then we all take Disney transportation?

Maybe. These days it’s pretty tough to predict what CMs working the parking gate at resorts will say when a non-resort guest asks to park there. It can depend on the individual person working that day and/or how busy the resort is at the time. Generally, Wilderness Lodge doesn’t have as big a problem as some of the monorail and Epcot resorts, with guests wanting to park there to be closer to one of the parks, but during a recent visit when I wanted to eat at Geyser Point the guard acted as though he was doing a personal favor just to me by letting me in the lot.

If you want to increase the chances of the in-laws getting onto the lot, then give them a MagicBand from someone in your group and they can just tap that to enter the parking lot at WL, likely with no questions asked.

Will you have a car? If so, I would suggest that you get them from SOG and return to WL. That way, no worries.