Non park day when too cold to swim?

We have a free day on Jan 14th and it looks like it will be too cold to spend the day by the pool (even for us Canadians). Suggestions for the day? We have Morimoto Asia reservations for 6pm. thx!

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Monorail tour with meals/snacks/shopping/exploring the resorts along the way.

You could always do mini golf. If you had any interest in UOR you could always Uber up to CityWalk and have lunch and check out the shops. They have a fun looking mini golf right in City walk too.

Breakfast at Boma and walk around AKL in the morning. Walk around Disney Springs in the afternoon before dinner.

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If you are staying at a Disney hotel, you’ll have a myriad of resort activities throughout the day- crafts, community hall at select locations, etc.

Which resort?

Mini golf
Monorail resort tour
Skyliner resort tour
Disney Springs
AMC movie theater at Disney Springs
Splittsville for bowling at Disney Springs
Resort-based activities/tour

@limegreenmonorail manages this page and it lists all of the resort activities! You can partake in most of them even if you aren’t staying there.

There are also arcades at some of the resorts if you have kids with you.


We’ve really enjoyed the minigolf at WinterSummerland. If you book a package for your vacation, you’ll have a free round of golf before 4:00.

Go karts at FunSpot. They have a multilevel track.

This is so helpful, thank you!!!


Explore some of the resorts.

Take a bus to DHS and ride the Skyliner to Riviera and look at the murals in the “tunnel” between station and resort.

Or explore AKL and do some animal watching. Not sure what activities are back, most ran in the afternoon.

For a longer connected tour start at WL or MK and take in the following. It works in either direction.

WL has the Carolwood Pacific room in the Villas building, and s scavenger hunt. The geyser and lobby are fun.

Bus runs to FW.

At FW you can visit the stables and take an archery lesson.

Ride the boat to MK and then do a monorail tour.


This. We’ve done this at Poly and Boardwalk.

There is the resort Arcade.

Check out Wilderness Lodge. The wood carvings around the lobby and the stone layers around the fireplace. Lunch at one of the quick service places. The store there, in the past, has seemed to have different inventory. The totem pole at the door to the store is a good “over the years” photo shoot spot.

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Explore and have lunch on the Boardwalk. They have great restaurants and shops! Afterwards you can walk over to Beach/Yacht Club, check those out and take a ride on the skyliner!