Non-park Breakfast suggestions for depart day?

Departing flight is at 2:55pm and staying at POFQ. I would like something nicer than QS because that day is my friend’s actual b’day.

We’re using ME for transport with only carry on luggage. I know bell services will hold the luggage until we need to leave.

I looked at Disney Springs but looks like most aren’t open for bkfst or are QS. I have no idea what resort breakfasts are really worth us bus hopping – or if the bus hopping is worth it at all having a time constraint???

You could take the boat over to Olivia’s Cafe at Old Key West. We’ve done that for breakfast when staying at POR.

Or you could take an MK bus and then take the monorail to either Kona Cafe or the Grand Floridian cafe. I like both of those for a nice relaxing late breakfast!

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If you have the time to get there…

Trail’s End at Ft Wilderness. Bus to MK, then boat to FtW.

Or Grand Floridian Cafe, bus to MK, then boat to GF.

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If you want a character breakfast, all 3 monorail resorts offer one up - all are decent and you can adjust based on the characters you want: Classic - Chef Mickey’s, Lilo & Stitch - Poly, or Mary Poppins/Alice in Wonderland - GF. All are decent breakfast buffets - it’s whether the characters are a plus or a minus really.

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We like to do Boma for breakfast on departure day. Apart from excellent and unique food, it’s a buffet so you really get your fill to last throughout your trip. Also, it’s nice to walk around the resort and take in the savanna overlooks. Since you don’t have luggage, I wonder if you could talk to the concierge about picking up the Magical Express from AKL instead of having to travel back to POFQ.

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That’s a good idea about not having to go back…it kind of crossed my mind as a small thought, but I wasn’t sure if they would be able to do that. I’ll have to investigate a little. :slight_smile:

Cape May Cafe has character breakfast. Take bus to HS and get on boat to Beach Club.

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My sister and I really enjoyed 1900 park fare, plus you get to meet pooh, tigger, Alice, and mad hatter. And…strawberry soup!

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Our tradition is to have breakfast at Kona in the Poly the last day. Then if we have time we spend some time relaxing in the hammocks on the beach with the castle view before going home.

The Wave in the contemporary is also delicious.

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Do we have to be guests at Poly for the area w/ hammocks?

I ask because for runDisney marathon, some of the resort viewing areas were for guests of that specific resort only.

Well I will just say that when I last used the hammocks at the poly beach I did not ask permission to use them…I just walked over and sat in it for awhile…

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I would imagine they probably have more CM watching during an event. Worse they can do is ask us to leave. :grin:

We love breakfast at Ohana !

If you want a character breakfast, I recommend Bon Voyage, if you can get a ADR. It’s a ton of fun and the food is very good, especially for a character meal. If you aren’t wanting a character meal, I agree with the recommendation of Olivia’s at Old Key West. The food is excellent and it’s a relatively quite restaurant. I love the “homey” feel it has.

We’ve traditionally done Boma for last morn, great food, lots of variety, lovely resort to spend time in. Lately been hearing good reviews of Wave breakfast & 1900 Park Fare, so will probably try one of those next fam trip.

The food at Cape may breakfast was great, but of course you’re paying extra for the character experience, which is cute & fun if that’s of interest.

I like The Wave if you don’t want a character breakfast. It does both a buffet and a la carte, so for those like to tuck into platefuls of bacon and waffles you can order the buffet for them, but if you just need coffee and toast then you don’t have to pay the buffet price.

Follow up with a monorail tour of the GF and Poly if you’ve not visited them before. GF has some nice shops to do that last minute souvenir shopping, I like their soap boutique.

We loved the Bon Voyage Bkfst at Trattoria al Forno at the Boardwalk. The bkfst was great and the characters were unique. It was Rapunzel and Flynn and Ariel and Eric. Bkfst is off of a menu. We loved the calzone, which was basically pizza for breakfast. The pancakes came with a bowl of baked caramel apple which was awesome! You could always take a bus to Hollywood Studios and then ride the boat to the Boardwalk to make it more fun. When you make the reservation, tell them you are celebrating a bday, and all the characters will make a big deal about it. Have fun! :slight_smile: