Non-Hotel Guests Visting the Hotel

Good morning everyone, quick question for the board. Me, my wife, and two kids will be staying at the Wilderness Lodge next year. My parents and her parents are considering making the trip as well. If they stay at a non-Disney property will they be allowed to visit us at our hotel? Would they be able to meet us at our hotel and then go to the parks with us via ferry or bus? My guess is no but figured I would ask. Thanks everyone!

Unless something has changed since November, they can take the bus or ferry with you as no one asks for MagicBands when boarding. However, I have heard that Disney does frown upon non resort guests being at the resort pools. Other than that, I wouldn’t worry about it too much

Absolutely they can! Nobody checks where you are staying. The public is welcome to the hotels and restaurants, and there is not any problem taking Disney transportation, as far as I can tell. I’ve never been asked for my magic band on any disney transportation.

They have full access to the hotel etc - with the exception of the pools usually. Nope they can come in - do whatever - eat there etc. and take advantage of the transportation as well - which if they park at WL - they won’t have to pay the $20. Additionally if you all want to pack in their car - sure you can get a pass so you don’t have to pay at the parks. Remember WDW wants to maximize revenues - so they will NEVER impede someone’s ability to spend money anywhere on properly

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