Non expiring ticket

i have an old non expiring child ticket and need to convert it to an adult one. how do I do that the first person i spoke with a DVC said he did not know if it could be done

does anyone know ??

You will have to go to guest services I believe.

but how would i make fpp for him prior to that ? does that make sense ? hes now 10 and i have a ticket for a 9 year old will it let me link it on MDE ? with classic Disney help last night cut off twice and now on hold again

talked to representative and he said that we can make fpp no problem with any ticket does anyone know if this is correct?

Yes, that is correct. The ticket is good for making FPs regardless of age range. We upgraded our kids non expiring tickets at Guest Services with no problem but you can book your FPs before you do that as long as the ticket is linked to your MDE account.