Nomad Lounge Wait?

So, I remember someone saying in a trip report, recently, that they had to wait about 20 minutes for Nomad Lounge, at lunchtime. Is this always a thing? Are there better times of day to go? I assume later in the day will be busier, so I’d plan to go early, for lunch.

If there IS always a wait, how does that work? Do we have to stand around, right there, or could we go walk around Pandora?

In October, we had to wait about 50 minutes. This was mid-afternoon. It was no big deal as they put our names on a list and texted us when the table way ready.

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We waited about 75 minutes when we were there in November (it was around 1:30). Like @Julianne_fki said they put our name on a list and texted us when a table was ready.

I have to admit I’ve only been there two times… but on both occasions it was about half full. First time a few years ago I can’t remember the time but must’ve been around 5pm. Second time, it was 3PM on a saturday, 3 days before christmas.

Was I just lucky…? :thinking:

We were given a 90 min wait on a Friday in Sept…so maybe avoid that time of day? Earlier is probably better. But like others have said…they will text you so out your name in and do something else for a bit. Just dont wait till you are really hungry like I did. We didnt wait.

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I’m guessing that wasn’t just this past year? Nomad lounge has gotten really popular in the last year since word has apparently finally gotten out. It used to be the Sacred Space*.

*Edit it’s still a sacred space, but no longer secret.


Thanks, everyone! Sounds like there will likely be a wait, but it’s easy to plan for. Maybe a good time to do some of the trails while waiting.

Now, everyone stop talking about the Sacred Space. :wink:


When we went in Dec, we got there 20 minutes before 11am opening, and there was already a line. We got in on the first seating, probably about 2/3 full when we were seated with parties in front of us, so all those waiting behind us by 11am opening most definitely did not get in on the first seating. By the time we left around noon there was quite a line


We rope dropped Nomad lounge in November and there was no wait and we got a great spot on the patio :grin: i forget when it opens, but it was the perfect time for a break after rope dropping the park and getting some big rides out of the way! It’s totally worth it to get there 10 minutes or so before they open. We got there about 5 minutes before opening and there were already a few tables seated


These are the stories I like to hear! Thinking we’d try to get there for an early lunch after a morning in Pandora.


That is exactly what we did :blush:

This was a year ago, 2019. Now I’m confused why it wasn’t more crowded

That was before it’s current wave of popularity.


Ah, I see. Then I was indeed lucky because I wasn’t particularly familiar with it and just kind of wandered in remembering there was a bar :sweat_smile:

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