Noise cancelling headphones on rides?

I have an 11yo who is sensitive to noise. She is also sensitive to things in her ears. So, those little foam ear plugs won’t work. Would she be able to wear noise cancelling headphones on rides? Or will they make her remove them? Thanks for any help!

I mean people wear mouse ears… so think it would be fine.

In all seriousness though, I don’t think it will be a problem with the exception of maybe some roller coasters where they suggest you store hats and ears.

I would be concerned they would come off on some rides like the coasters. Otherwise no issue

Yeah. This would be my only concern as well. Most likely okay, but do make sure you gets ones that are plenty secure. Around the ear headphones rather than over the ear would be best, although they are also quite big and bulky.

They do make some that wrap behind the head and over the ear…I think those would probably be quite secure as well…although, I don’t know how hard it is to find ones like that which are noise cancelling.

When DD was younger (3-4) she wore ear defenders on some of the rides, including Soarin’ - she found the fireworks at the end too loud, so she put them on near the top of the Eiffel Tower. The ones she had were very secure, there is no way they would have come off, even on a coaster.


Actually it can be a big problem, people might not realize this but some rides are very loud. Roller coaster clanking (when going up), music, sound effects etc.

Both of my kids are sensitive to loud noises and we’ve had problems on some rides. My son (4 at the time) would hunch down and hold his ears so he wasn’t exactly enjoying the rides.

The problem with hearing protection is that kids might not be comfortable with foam plugs and over the head muffs can block too much sound.

We brought regular over the ear / closed headphones and those helped, they will tone down the loudest noises a bit, but not too much to take away from the experience. Noise cancelling ones might block more. My daughter used plug type / in-ear headphones that are soft rubber, those worked too.

So to answer the question, yes from our experience you can wear headphones. Whatever you bring, make sure they fit snug so they wont fall.

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My sons use these for fireworks and other loud activities, but they didn’t wear them on the rides. They’re less bulky than the full on noise cancelling headphones and fold up reasonably small so I can keep them in the bottom of my purse.


Have you looked into something like this that is more like a headband or earmuffs? It may not be available in noise cancelling variety but it would stay snug and wouldn’t attract the attention of cast members.

My sisters youngest son is Autistic and has significant issues with noise (He wont go to movies at all, he waits untill he can watch them at home). When we went to Disney World in 2016 (he was 13 at the time) he had his noise canceling headphones with him the entire trip and I don’t remember it ever being an issue, and they were the big over the ear kind. I know he wore them on Space Mountain and was fine. Just make sure whatever you use is secure and wont fall off.

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We have many sets of over-the-ear hearing protection (middle son plays drums), they would be very secure on rides. I think they were around $15 on Amazon?

I meant the wearing of headphones won’t be a problem… :woman_shrugging:


A couple places that noise might be an unexpected factor: Be Our Guest (West wing room has thunder effect) and T Rex restaurant (never been, but is often reported to be quite loud and jarring)

Thanks for the tip on Be Our Guest. We do have reservations there. My kids already vetoed T-Rex after last time. Ha!

Sorry, my mistake!