Noise canceling headphone recommendations

Hello, I’m looking for suggestions on which type of noise canceling headphones for a three year old with developmental/sensory issues to wear in the parks. He loves rides, but sudden, loud noises on otherwise tame rides are very scary for him (the thunder clap at the beginning of Living with the Land, the loud blast sound in Figment, etc.). Does anyone else use these type of headsets at Disney and if so, can you suggest a pair that is comfortable and not too heavy? They only need to muffle sounds, they don’t need to be used as a headset for electronics. Thank you!

I’m thinking something simple like disposable Foam Ear plugs might make the most sense. Here’s a link to 100 pairs on Amazon as an example:

That should take the edge off any loud noises and it would be something you’re not worried about losing. Plus you can have some backups in a bag easily enough. You would just need to get some sized correctly for a 3 year old. The also do have the ear muff style ones but those are bulkier and more obvious which might not be ideal.

We have these or my 4 year old. They have worked well for touch a truck and fireworks. We are also planning to take them to Disney. I know my son would never use the ear plug type, but he doesn’t mind wearing these.


Thank you, those would be a good solution but I can’t put anything in his ears.

Thank you, JenniferKnox, I will give those a try!

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We have these same headphones and they work well for my kiddos! They do not like anything in their ears!!

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That’s just what I was looking for. Amazon had so many types so thank you for letting me know that this brand works. I just ordered some.:smiley:

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I highly recommend noise cancelling headphones. Even the parades can be loud at WDW and rides tend to be much more manageable for our little one when they aren’t so overwhelming. We like Edz Kidz brand because they’re relatively lightweight and fold up more compactly than some other brands:
We used noise cancelling headphones a couple of times a day for my (then) two and a half year old DS and it made a huge difference for us; we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy parades or fireworks without them!

Thank you sjquilici! Those look really good. We went last year and didn’t have headphones and he got really scared, but this year I’ll be more prepared.

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