NoBellePrizeWinner Throws in the Towel

Well, I finally did it. I canceled our November backup to the October backup trip, which was a backup of the September backup of the May backup of the original April trip we had SO MUCH looked forward to. I am joyless.

My time on this forum has dwindled since June, and now I barely get on at all anymore. I feel such a strong “need” to go back to the Magic, but I don’t think I would feel satisfied going now anyways. Perhaps the problem is really that no trip will probably ever compare to my epic solo trip last January.

My kids are much more mature, and taller now than when we went in October on our first trip. DS5 is now tall enough to ride almost everything (and has become OBSESSED with Star Wars during quarantine), and DS4 is tall enough to ride Splash, FOP, etc. The whole experience would be different for DD2 (she was only 8mo when we went). Anyways, sorry for the rambling. I just needed to vent a bit. So sad that I canceled. Even though I knew it was an extremely low likelihood of us going, it still leaves a hole knowing it is canceled.

I will be on here periodically. I hope all of you are doing well. This community has been important to me since 2018 and I hope that I can return in full capacity at some point when COVID is not impacting my family’s daily life as much as it is now (DS4 is in high-risk category since he had cancer in his lungs 2 years ago, so we are keeping all the kids home while DW and I “try” to keep our full-time jobs).


Sending hugs, Jordan. It’s so wicked awful sad.

Don’t be a stranger.

And you and your family stay safe and well.


Sorry to hear about the cancelling.

I wish you and your family all the best during this stressful period. Try and keep your head up and check in on us when you need your Disney fix.

Let’s hope Marathon Weekend in January 2021 is still a go. You and mousegirl were my motivation to step up my running game last January when we all met up!

Stay strong and safe!


I don’t want to be “liking” this, but I “heart” you. Such a tough decision and I can definitely feel the disappointment. So sorry!


So sorry to hear this. I’m looking forward to your next trip report, whenever that may be. I hope you kind find the “magic” closer to home, in the meantime. :slight_smile:


These are such hard times. Big internet hugs. I followed your marathon trip report and loved it. It was motivational in so many levels. We have a trip booked for April 21 which we may or may not go on and it is heart wrenching.


So sorry Jordan. I know Disney and your family trips mean so much to you.

I recently cancelled our October WDW trip. We plan to reschedule for May or June.


Ugh, that sucks, both for you and for us - I loved following along on your last trip report and was looking forward to another one. Take care of yourself and your lovely family.


I am so sorry. I pray you and your family stay healthy. I also hope your DS5’s SW obsession holds up for the next (covid-free) Jordan family trip!


I am so sorry to hear this Jordan. I know how much you were looking forward to this. It was great following your trip report and i am still in awe of what you accomplished Marathon Weekend. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your wife and as much fun as a solo trip is I am sure you are dying to take your kids. Don’t worry it will happen.

Take care of your family and don’t be a stranger to the forum.


Jordan, amigo, a little bit of perspective for you of all people my friend:
I was here when you had to cancel your trip because your kiddo had to get his last treatment in and everything was terrible and grey and it couldn’t get any worse. THAT was a tragedy. THAT was worth crying over.
This? It’s just a small inconvenience. Wait a few months and we’ll all meet back at WDW. It’s just a few months.
Heck, I’ll even promise to run beside you when we go back if it’ll make you happy!!




Life, right now, has many more depressing moments than normal. Many of us have life on hold. We can’t really plan a carefree getaway. We are on egg shells about the health of our loved ones, especially those in the high risk category. But hang in there. We will come out as stronger people and very shortly, we will be able to all share the sheer joys/stress of vacations again. Hug your family and treasure the overabundance of precious times you all share together.


Don’t be a stranger. I don’t get on here as often as I’d like either, but I stick around.

As far as the trip goes, you’ll get a chance to go back, but it’ll probably take a few months longer than you’d like. Be patient. It will happen.

Also, I have said this before, but as the father of a girl on the spectrum, thank you for running for Autism Speaks. It really means a lot to know that we aren’t alone in this.